Государственный герб республики Узбекистан

Center for Research of Problems in Privatization
and State Assets Management

State Assets Management Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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    Center for Research of Problems in Privatization, Development of Competition and Corporate Governance (hereinafter – the Center) was established on the basis of the Center for Research of Problems in Privatization, Development of Corporate Governance and Securities Market and the Antimonopoly Policy Improvement Center by merging them in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No.1012 as of 22.12.2017. Initially, the Center began its activity in 1994 under the name of Research Center for Heterogeneous Economy with Computing Center, later in the period of 1997-2006, it continued its activity under the name of Research Institute for Deepening of Market Reforms, and in the period of 2006-2017. – under the name of Center for Center for Research of Problems in Privatization, Development of Corporate Governance and Securities Market.

    The Center is a base scientific institution of the country in the field of research on the theory and practice of further assistance of the government to the effective development of privatized enterprises, regulation of antimonopoly activities and development of competition, protection of consumers’ rights, financial rehabilitation of economically insolvent enterprises and bankruptcy, development of privatization processes, state property management and introduction of corporate governance in business companies, functioning of securities and real estate markets.

    The center acts as the main developer of the draft of current laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

    “On Limited and Additional Liability Companies” (adopted in 2001);

    “On Business Partnerships” (adopted in 2001);

    “On Private Enterprise” (adopted in 2003);

    “On Securities Market” (adopted in 2008);

    “On Realtor Activity” (adopted in 2010);

    “On Protection of Private Property and Guarantees of Owners’ Rights” (adopted in 2012);

    “On Commercial Secrets” (adopted in 2014).

    The Сenter has also developed the draft concepts for such laws as: “On privatization” (new version), “On Mortgage-backed Securities”, “On Privatization Funds”, “On Commodity Exchanges”, “On Exhibition and Fair Activities”, “On Securitization”, “On Self-regulating organizations” etc.

    Up to date, the Center has implemented more than 20 applied and fundamental projects financed by the grants for realization of the state scientific and technical programs (see in the section Projects).

    During the existence of the Center, its staff has prepared and published in well-known domestic and foreign publications over 800 scientific works, including: 11 monographs; 12 textbooks and teaching aids for universities; over 700 scientific papers (for a list of scientific papers and monographs published by the staff of center, see the section Published Works). The Center has registered in the Agency for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Uzbekistan more than 20 copyright certificates (see the section Copyright certificates).

    During the period of its activity, on the basis of the results of scientific research, the Center has prepared and submitted to the relevant ministries and agencies more than 600 documents, including analytical and report notes, concepts, draft by-laws, reference and informational and analytical materials (for a list of the most important documents prepared by the Center, see the section Scientific products).

    On a contractual basis, the Center has developed the applied documents for such organizations as JSC “Almalyk Mining and Metallurgiсal Complex”, JSC “Republican Stock Exchange Toshkent”, JSC “Republican Universal Agro-Industrial Exchange JSC, “Navoiazot”, JSC “Republican Real Estate Exchange”, JSC “Uzavtoprom”, JSC “Uzbekenergo”, JSC “Quartz”, JSC Elektrtarmoqqurilish”, regional hokimiyats and other organizations and enterprises.

    The Center has certain experience in implementing joint projects with such foreign and international organizations as Institute of Eastern Europe in Munich, World Bank (WB), International Finance Corporation (IFC), OSCE and other.

    In the future, the Center links its activities with conduction of research on improvement of state regulation system, increase of competitiveness of the securities and real estate markets in Uzbekistan, enhancement of effectiveness of managing the state stakes and block of shares in the authorized capital of business companies, improvement of antimonopoly regulation and further development of competition.

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